Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wolfman! Awoooo :)

We watched "Wolfman" today! It's alright I guess! Not bad, not bad! :) I wanted to watch "Legions" but twas too late, we don't want to wait till the last full show. :( That's ok, I had fun anyway! I guess I have to sleep now!

I bought these today:


They are NYX's Jumbo pencils in Strawberry Milk, Purple and Lemon for $4.99 ea. They don't have much color selections in the stores here :( If you live in Canada you could buy them at Save On Foods and Rexall Drugstore.

I also bought:

Posh Angle Blush Brush: $7.99. I think I got it on sale. I forgot the regular price. It's soft but I think I'm going to have big shedding issues with this brush. We'll just wait and see :)

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