Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting a blog!

Yey! So today I decided to start blogging!! It is exactly 12:12 AM here in Edmonton and I am bored to death. My 6 month old kitty, Camaro, is trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep squeezing herself in my lap where my laptop is. Poor kitty, she needs plenty of sleep but is not getting enough. Maybe later when I go to work she would get plenty of rest.

Finally she managed to force herself between my laptop and my stomach! I would totally take a picture of this but my camera is at the other end of the room and I don't want to disturb Camaro's new found resting place. So enough of my kitty stories! :)

I am a 21 year old Filipina :) I know I'm soo old. I remember when I was just 18 and young :( well anyway, I don't have a topic to discuss yet so this is basically going to be an introduction post :)

I was born and raised in Philippines. We moved to Canada on June 2007. A lot of things changed since me and my family (mom, younger bro) moved here. I went to school and worked at the same time. I worked too much that I got lazy going to school, bad eh? But now I'm trying to get back on track. I'm planning to register to a university this fall. Being out of school is so tiring and frustrating. I spent most of my out of school time working. All my classmates in Philippines already graduated and are now working. I feel so left out. That is why I decided to get my life back together.

I don' t know what else to say. I'm getting a little sleepy! I'll wrap this up by welcoming you guys to my blog!! :)) Have a good sleep everybody! :))

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