Sunday, March 7, 2010

Airless Pump from Ebay

For ages I have been struggling with my Revlon Colorstay Foundations lack of pump. Every morning I would just carefully pour the product out of it's bottle, some days I would get too much some days could get messy (even left a huge stain in my carpet). Then finally I got tired. So i looked up some pumps in Ebay and found this miracle worker :)

Here is the link to the Ebay seller:

 Here is my video blabbing about how much I am in love with this bottle:

So here is my Revlon Colorstay with its new bottle :)

Isn't she lovely?

So here are my two favorite products finally found their perfect home:

Woot woot! I've never been happy!

So hope you guys check this product out! :))


Spring is coming! woohoooooooo! I am so excited! :)) I could just feel the warm breeze of the air! :))))))

oh well just letting you know how happy I am! :))

xoxo Abbie

1 comment:

  1. I'd love a chance to try Revlon's foundation. I've only been using BB cream and tinted moisturizers thus far.

    I found you through youtube! Love your reviews because they're short and sweet and you get right to the point and not linger on. Keep it up! :)